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We Answer Common Question Our Cerritos Locksmith Is Often Asked

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Please take the time to educate yourself before you are in an emergency situation.

If you are using the phone book, internet or Google maps, there are a few things to consider before making that call. Look Closely at the ad to see that the Business Name is clearly identified. A warning sign to look for on an ad is the statement “Under Same Ownership” which is usually found in small print on a large ad. This statement could mean the “Company may operate under several names.

If a web address is provided take time to check if the name, phone number and address match the ad. Some ads may list several association memberships; make sure the organizations are valid by going to their web site as well.

Ask for an Estimate

Include all work, replacement parts and if there are any additional fees including a service call or mileage/trip charge. Most legitimate locksmiths will give you an estimate on the phone; especially in a lock out situation.

Ask for Identification

Driver’s License
Business Card
Locksmith License (Where applicable)

If a driver’s license is shown, check the picture, state and expiration date. Ask to see an invoice. Check to see if the name and information match the business card and vehicle.

Expect the Locksmith to ask you for identification as well. They need to insure you are the legitimate owner.

When the Work is Complete

Make sure you receive an itemized invoice listing parts, labor, and mileage, and the price of the service call. If you need to dispute a change, you will need this itemized invoice as proof of how much was paid and exactly what the payment was for. Once you have found a reputable locksmith you can trust keep the company’s name and contact information in your wallet. You may also want to program the number into your phone for future reference and for recommendations.

Where is your Business Located?

Some disreputable companies list phony street addresses. When you make the “local” call, your call could actually be a call center out of state.

You could also ask:

How long have you been in business?
How long have you been operating in this location?
Where were you located prior?

Remember that many legitimate locksmiths may not include a business address because they operate as a mobile business. The mobile locksmith service vehicles are outfitted with the tools of the trade and are the locksmith’s “Shop on Wheels.”

Is the Locksmith Insured?

It is important for the locksmith to have insurance in case your property is damaged during a repair or if faulty work leads to loss.

Is the Locksmith Bonded?

To be bonded, a person must pass a thorough background, fingerprinting and criminal check.

Do They Have any Certifications?

RL (Registered Locksmith)
CRL (Certified Registered Locksmith)
CPL (Certified Professional Locksmith)
CML (Certified Master Locksmith)

What Payment is Accepted?

If checks are accepted, ask what company to make the check payable to.