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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft With Home Security

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Identity theft is an epidemic that targets millions of Americans every year. To shield yourself from this crime, you must safeguard your identifying information. While cybersecurity is a helpful tool, home protection measures are equally valuable. Learn how enhanced home security can keep your identity from criminals.

Home Automation Systems

Thieves target more than jewelry, cash, and high-value electronics. They also want personal information to open a credit card, buy a car, and empty your bank accounts. Even more alarming is that many home robberies are the result of a criminal that has cased a home for several days or weeks.

A home automation system will help you keep a watchful eye on your home and determine if you are a target. Home automation systems include a variety of safety features, including security cameras. Regularly monitoring the security footage can help you spot any suspicious people or cars that keep showing up around your house. An automation system with a sophisticated camera can even zoom in on images and collect license plate information.

Smart Doorbells

Criminals use all sorts of different tactics to target people. In fact, brazen thieves sometimes show up right at a victim's front door. For example, a stranger could come to your home and claim that they're from the electric company.
If you can't see outside clearly, you could open the door and give a dangerous person access to your home and all your confidential information you keep inside. But smart doorbells offer a solution. Smart doorbells let you see who is at your door, no matter where you are.
From your smartphone, computer or tablet, you can view the doorbell footage and decide if it's safe to open the door or if you need to contact the authorities. A smart doorbell keeps you in the know.


Medicaid cards, birth certificates, and social security cards provide criminals with more than enough information to steal an identity. These are also documents people often leave unguarded inside their homes. If you store any of your identifying information in a drawer or a file cabinet, you are at risk.
A home safe is a better storage solution. A professionally installed, in-wall or in-floor safe creates an impassable barrier between a criminal and your personal information. Look for a safe with both fire and water resistance qualities. The extra measures offer added protection in the event of a home disaster.
Place a copy of your will, your passport, and tax returns inside the safe, as well. Any document with your identifiable information should be placed inside.  

Electronic Locks

With the right tool, a criminal can pick a standard key lock in mere seconds. Long before the authorities arrive, an intruder can grab your personal information and get out the door. But electronic locks and smart locks are smarter than the intruder because these locks don't use keys.
You instead use a code or Bluetooth enabled device, such as your phone, to disable, and arm, the lock. Smart locks also rely on advanced encryption technology. The advanced feature blocks hackers from duplicating or disarming the locks' signal.
Electronic locks are also often equipped with detection features that automatically disarm the lock when a recognized device is within so many feet. When you're in a rush to get in your home at night, a smart lock can get you inside faster.
Don't leave the safety of your identity up to chance. Take steps to safeguard yourself. At SCSC Southern California Security Centers Inc., we want to help. Contact us to learn about our lock installation services, automation systems, and other home security updates.