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Home Theater Design Considerations

Enjoy family time and make memories by installing a home theater in your home. Whether it's a full room or just top-level sound system, A-Armor Lock & Security can hook you up! We are home automation experts and can wire your home theater to your specifications.
Before you call us, though, it’s best to have a plan of your home theater system in mind. Here are some things to consider when designing your home theater system:
  • How big is your room?
    This will probably determine the rest of your design choices. It’s important to know how big your room is so you can plan for screen size and sound system power.
  • What kind of sound system do you want?
    Homeowners usually choose from a surround-sound system or a sound bar, depending on the room size.
  • How much light comes into the room?
    If you are designing a whole home theater room, it’s important to mitigate the ambient light in the room, as this will cause a glare on the screen.
  • Screen type
    Will you want a large TV or a projector and screen? This will be important when it comes to wiring and sound hookups.
  • Furniture
    How will you furnish your home theater? Will you use couches or individual chairs? Will you create different levels for optimum viewing?
A-Armor Lock & Security is happy to help set up your home theater. Together, we can install the system that works best for your family. Call 800-523-7804 to get started.