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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

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A good gun safe can secure your firearms from damage and unauthorized use. With gun safes available in so many styles and sizes and with a plethora of finishing and security features, how do you choose the right one?

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Storage Capacity 

One mistake some gun owners make is buying a safe that only meets their current needs. In reality, you will likely need more space in future, and this will require you to purchase a new, larger safe to fit all your firearms. Also, bear in mind that when guns are stored too close to each other they can get dents and scratches.

To protect and preserve your guns, buy a safe with enough capacity to fit long guns, ammunition, and other paraphernalia. Before buying, measure the size of your doorways to ensure that a large safe can pass through easily.

2. Types of Locks

Gun safes have different types of locks. Safes with a key and spin mechanism, also known as mechanical locks, are the most common. The main advantage of mechanical locks is that they are not easy to open.

Other options include biometric and electronic locks, which offer superior security and quick access for authorized persons. Be wary of standard key locks as keys can be mastered easily.

In addition to the specific lock type, consider installing live bolts or deadbolts. Both types of bolts provide equal protection but live bolts are costlier. If you opt for live bolts, go for thicker ones and have at least two bolts installed at the top and bottom of the safe.

For deadbolts, install at least four of them on the hinge side of the door to preserve the integrity of your gun safe.

3. Fireproof Abilities

While fire protection is essential in a gun safe, no safe is wholly fireproof. One way to determine how well a gun safe can withstand fire is to compare the safe's ratings with the standardized fire ratings provided for by the Underwriters Laboratories.

As a general rule, opt for a safe with a fire lining that can withstand at least 1200 degrees F for 30 minutes. For added protection against fire damage, go for a safe with an inner steel lining. Most gun safes have drywall lining, but this material can easily crumble under heat and expose your firearms. Bear in mind that steel-lined safes are more expensive.

4. Moisture Control 

Other than fire, your guns face another danger- moisture. The drywall lining in many gun safes can increase the moisture content in the safe, heightening the risk of rust and damage to your gun. Silica gel desiccants can help to absorb moisture in safes that do not have an electrical outlet.

If you plan to place your gun-safe in a non-climate controlled environment, such as in a garage, look for a safe with a built-in electrical outlet. This will allow you to use a dehumidifier rod, which works to control moisture faster and more efficiently.

5. Manufacturer Warranty 

While gun safe manufacturers guarantee their products, many offer a limited one-year warranty. Find a brand that offers a lifetime warranty against natural disasters such as fire and floods and damages from a break-in.

In case of any of these eventualities, the manufacturer will repair or replace any damaged parts or provide you with a new safe as long as you have the proper documentation.

If you are looking for a local gun safe provider, get in touch with A-Armor Lock & Security today. We are proud members of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), and in addition to high-quality gun safes, we offer services to increase security. We can upgrade, repair, or replace your safe altogether in case of damage.