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4 Locks for Commercial Building Owners

Commercial Lock

If you own a commercial building, you should know a reliable commercial locksmith. If you ever find yourself locked out of your building, a commercial locksmith can help you get back inside. One more service a commercial locksmith provides is installing different types of locks.

Here are four kinds of locks for commercial building owners and the advantages of each lock. If you have any questions about which lock is right for your business, ask a professional commercial locksmith.

1. Digital Entry Locks

Always having the right key in order to gain access to a commercial building is a hassle. Making sure all of your employees have their own keys is also inconvenient. To help alleviate the need for keys, a digital entry lock is a great alternative.

Some benefits digital entry locks provide include:

  • They are relatively inexpensive and work well for small business owners on a tight budget.

  • A locksmith can easily reprogram the codes in order to reinstate security.

  • A locksmith can install them on most types of doors.

Digital entry locks are also a great alternative to entry cards, yet they still provide plenty of security.

2. Master Key Systems

If you want certain people to have access to certain areas of your building, a master key system can help. This type of lock system opens one lock with two or more keys. Master key systems use up to four different kinds of keys including the change key, master key, grand master key, and great grand master key.

Besides giving owners the ability to strictly control access to certain areas, other advantages of master key systems include:

  • You can use the keys to open multiple locks.

  • The system allows you to keep track of who has access to what area by knowing which keys they have.

  • Master keys are patent protected to guard against easy duplication.

One of the downsides of a master key system is that thieves can pick or decode the locks, which means you may need to put additional security measures in place.

3. Restricted Keyway Locks

If you do not have the budget to install digital entry locks, but you want to prevent unauthorized copies of your keys, restricted keyway locks are the way to go. By limiting the number of places that people can make copies of your keys, you will not have to worry so much about unauthorized duplicates of your keys. Some other advantages of restricted keyway locks include:

  • The keys are generally more durable than regular keys.

  • The manufacturer will usually cover the expense of replacing the keys.

  • Lock picking is more difficult.

Having a restricted keyway lock system will also enable you to keep an accurate record of your keys.

4. Furniture Locks

You probably have cabinets, desks, or other types of furniture inside your building that contain confidential or sensitive information. If this is the case, a commercial locksmith can also install furniture locks. Some advantage furniture locks provide include:

  • They keep sensitive information safe and secure.

  • They allow you to control who has access to certain documents and/or valuables kept inside a safe or cabinet.

  • Employees can have a key that works for certain drawers while you have control of the master key.

With furniture locks, you have a variety of lock hardware from which to choose, including deadbolt, gang, and cam. A commercial locksmith can help you determine which type of hardware will work best for your furniture.

Whether you need a digital entry lock, master key system, restricted keyway lock, furniture lock, or another type of lock in your commercial building, contact SCSC Southern California Security Centers Inc., your professional commercial locksmiths serving Southern California.