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3 Ways a Locksmith Can Transform Your Facility's Key Control

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All types of businesses should review their key control policies on a routine basis. When facility administrators and security staff regularly communicate and address key-holder and key-control issues, their facilities are more secure.

Always rely on a professional locksmith instead of your own staff to upgrade your facility's lock and key systems. High-risk door-lock systems can be complex and require expert locksmithing skills. Here are three ways a locksmith can help you design a successful, secure keyholder policy

1. Provides Layers of Security

If your building needs a complete lock-and-key upgrade, a professional locksmith will help you design your new system. The locksmith can customize your facility's locks to add extra layers of security to high-asset areas.

For example, a locksmith must have a contractual agreement with high-security lock manufacturers to purchase their commercial door lock systems. If you're not a locksmith known to the manufacturer, you're forbidden from purchasing the blanks needed to create duplicate keys.

Hire your locksmith to install one of these non-reproducible-key systems in areas where you want extra security. Your employees can't make duplicate keys, so you won't have to wonder how many extra keys are out there.

Locksmiths fortify high-risk areas by creating secure locked zones around them. Keyholders must pass through two or more locks to access high-value assets.

An example of a zoned system would be a pair of secure doors on either end of a small hallway. A member of the security team allows the staff member into one end of the hallway via a remote lock installed by your locksmith.

The employee then uses their own key to access a clean room or VIP area through the door at the other end of the hallway. The double-lock system provides an additional barrier to unauthorized entry.

2. Increase Transparency of Key Use

Monitoring your employees' whereabouts in a high-risk structure is important for their own well-being. When a fire, chemical spill, or other emergency occurs in your facility, the injuries and hazards may be limited if you can locate all of your staff quickly. Locksmiths install key-less locks to help you find your workers fast.

Keyless and digital locks remove conventional keys from the equation while providing real-time data about facility traffic. Employees use a keypad or key-card to open doors. The keyless locks feature programs that store the user's data.

Keyless-lock software tells you where, when, and how a worker traveled through your facility. Combined with security cameras, the program helps you locate employees quickly and keep staff movements transparent. 

Keyless locks also allow you to cut off access to employees who have been terminated or moved on to other work. You don't need to have your locks re-keyed to have peace of mind.

3. Adjust and Fine Tune Key Control

Do certain areas of your facility have high key losses? A number of issues can lead to excess missing keys.

Lost keys are caused by the following:
  • No enforced key-holder policy
  • Cluttered or messy workspaces
  • High employee turnover
  • Too many key-holders
If your facility deals with too many lost keys in certain areas, have your locksmith install locks with interchangeable cores. Your locksmith can quickly switch the interchangeable core if an important key goes missing. You won't have to replace the entire lock.

If you want to allow temporary access to visitors, delivery drivers, or clients, hire your locksmith to install a keypad lock that requires a numeric code to unlock doors. Temporary key codes are issued to visitors to allow them free access without constant staff intervention.

Since the code is only temporary, unauthorized entry is denied when the code expires. Your locksmith will be happy to show you how keyless and other locking systems work to provide temporary access and other benefits.

Upgrade your facility's key control in Southern California by calling SCSC Southern California Security Center Inc. We install all types of locks and door-lock systems for our commercial clients throughout the Cerritos, Bellflower, Laguna Hills, and Irvine regions.